Hi! I'm Tara

As an intuitive shadow work coach, and psychic medium I help authentic souls uncover the deep subconscious blocks holding them back, and activate their intuitive gifts so that they can embody their authentic self, step into their power and make an impact doing what they love.

I now have spoken to thousands on the impact of shadow work in our lives and businesses and supported dozens in their shadow work, intuition, grief and leadership journeys. I am connected to spirit, my souls energetic mission, and feel safe even when days are heavy or hard.

but it wasn’t always this way.

Just like you, I always knew that I was meant for something more…but darkness always seemed to take over, and I felt it most of my life starting in childhood.

After my nana died when I was 5, I was reportedly having conversations with her on my top bunk of the bunk bed, and she told me things about her best friends and life. I would tell the information I received to my mom who believed in my gifts. Although I don’t remember talking to my nana, I do remember having conversations with the posters in my room and believing there were spirits around my house (including one that resembled an “evil cookie monster” in my bathroom.. I could not go in there without the lights on until adulthood)

At some point, I believe that I had become overwhelmed, and the heaviness associated with my gift made me depressed. There is a journal entry from when I was 10 that says…

“People want to know why I’m sad. If they have a good memory like me and a friend they would know why- ever since my nana died I have been sad. Everything thinks I’m a slave and..sometimes I feel if I kill myself, few will care”

Throughout middle and high school I was extremely depressed. I was constantly bullied and never felt like I “fit in”. I constantly felt like I was just having more emotions than what other people seemed capable of having. Before I learned what depression and anxiety were, I just told people I feel differently than other people. Darkness for me, felt really dark. Music became one of my primary modalities growing up to cope with my day to day life. Even with my darkness, I tried to portray a happy girl on the outside as much as I could.  

In hindsight, I didn’t even know how lost I was, and I thought that everything would get better in college.. and it did.. until I burnt out.

In college, my depression seemed to have lightened although I still had my moments, I was riddled with crippling anxiety. It took some introspection for me to see how I had anxiety well before college since anxiety was less known to me and my depression was so evident.

I was constantly overwhelmed, working myself to the bone in order to beat impostor syndrome and prove I was worthy of “success.”

During my senior year of college, I was in a full load of classes, a super involved student leader, researcher, and working on my honors thesis. My at-the-time ten-year-old brother was sent to the hospital with a brain lesion.

Unable to mentally cope with all of my responsibilities and the emotions I was sitting with as a result of my family situation, I developed stress migraines that would render me useless any day I had one outside of sleeping on my bathroom floor (for the cold) or with a heating pad on my head.

Burnt out, sick, and exhausted, I promised myself that once I had finished the semester I would never find myself in a similar situation again.

I was officially done playing by the rules of what I was told would make me successful and happy. My brother got healthy, and I began to explore the minimalism movement leading me into zero waste living.

Everything changed for me when my mom died, and with her death, I too died and was reborn

In June of 2018, my mom unexpectedly passed away, leaving me with grief without closure and PTSD.

Even though I was already working on my certification to be a health coach, I found myself feeling lost, using old coping mechanisms and harming myself physically and emotionally to try to numb my pain.

I kept trying to imagine myself like a phoenix rising from the ashes. I kept telling myself it would get better soon (since that is what everyone kept telling me) and I continued to allow time to pass and more time to pass, and I wasn’t feeling better. The weight gain I experienced plummeted my self-confidence.

I had worked since my burn out on turning into a conscious and “spiritually awakened” person, but I felt disconnected to myself, lost and alone.

Most of the people I followed and turned to for advice could not grasp the idea of sitting in this dark place and tried (with good intention) to push me into this light that felt inauthentic and forced.

It was only after I was able to surrender myself into my grief that I was able to move with it.

I found yoga, I reconnected with my intuitive and mediumship gifts, and I made the decision to use my story to make sure that people can connect with their shadows and darkness so that they can fully step into their gifts and live a life that is authentic and fulfilling for them.

 I did not choose to be a shadow worker, as cliche as that sounds. This is a message I have received over and over again through different healers, decks and my own spirit guides. My job on this planet is simple: to connect the dark and light in ourselves. To be the connector of our spirit and our human.

When we can feel comfortable with our darkness we can fully step into our alignment completely and confidently. When we can sit with our darkness, we can better support other people in our lives also going through darkness.

It is my mission to create a healing community that authentically can support each other in both our good times as well as the harder ones.

I help souls who are looking to connect with their darkness and step into completeness through my retreats, group programs, and individual mentoring.

Are you ready to be part of the authentic healer movement?

Are you ready to shine a light on your shadows in order to create a full connection with every aspect of your being?

Gain clarity and confidence in your souls energetic mission?

Have deeper and more meaningful relationships with others?

Feel more in tune with your body so that you feel better to equip handling your mental illness or general mental wellbeing?

If you are looking for support from someone who understands when things are hard and real, and understands that healing and growth is not linear, I am happy to be a part of your team and create real long term transformation.


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