About Tara Robin

Tara is a certified holistic health coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. She was born and raised in Suffolk County, New York, where she also attended college and received her bachelors in science from Stony Brook University in Chemistry.  In college, Tara was a heavily involved student leader, taking charge and being active in many on-campus organizations. Although her involvement developed her as a leader and young adult, it took a large toll on her mental and physical health sparking an increased interest in minimalism and healthy living. Tara now works as a health coach guiding people to find a healthier, but personally sustainable lifestyle that they can stick to long-term.

Outside of health coaching, Tara is an environmental advocate, working with non-profit organizations in her spare time, and living a low waste/zero waste lifestyle. Her environmental pursuits are how she first got invested in plant-based eating, although now also raves about the health benefits of the diet. When she’s not writing blog posts or making youtube videos, you can find Tara at the gym, eating at her favorite smoothie place, or watching Finding Nemo for the millionth time.