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I inspire healthier habits through intentional living

Hi, I’m

Tara Robin

a certified holistic health and life coach

I focus with my clients on intentional living so that they feel connected and confident in living their dream life!





Life Coaching Sessions

As a life coach, I work with my clients in order to help them acquire tools and techniques to achieve a well balanced and happy lifestyle, through intentional and mindful living techniques. As a client, during a life coaching session, we can work on developing affirmations, creative outlets for expression, and meditation techniques, just to name a few. Together, we discuss in depth your ideal self and create realistic steps to help you get there without feeling overwhelmed. If you are looking to expand your personal horizons, and create the best version of yourself, these sessions are for you. 


Workshops and Retreats

I offer different local (NY) and domestic workshops. These workshops are designed to help you connect to your inner self in a mindful way as well as facilitate deep and meaningful connections with other like minded individuals.

If you crave longer and more meaningful time in spaces that facilitate intentional thoughts and mindfulness, one of my life changing retreats would be the perfect fit for you. Retreats are an amazing opportunity for personal growth and transformation, in a short period of time. Retreats offer the opportunity to connect with a strong community of individuals in an intimate and private setting. Retreats vary in both time commitment and budget to cater to different individuals.

Health Coaching Sessions

As an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, I understand how different diets affect individuals and that what may work for one person may not work for you. I specifically work with health coaching clients on the mind body connection when it comes to eating and exercising. By focusing on conscious eating behaviors, we work together in order to help you be better in tune to how different foods and environments may affect you. I also provide clients with healthy recipes and resources surrounding healthy eating practices. If you are interested in long term wellness that doesn't involve counting calories, these sessions are perfect for you. 


Register for the RPG Retreat today! Writing and mindfulness retreat located in stunning Irasburg, Vermont!


The Tara Robin Blog

The Tara Robin blog was created in order to showcase the multifaceted interests that occurs when you are able to pull mindfulness and intentional living at the center of ones lifestyle. The core of the blog showcases how living with intent, away from societal norms of “busy culture” can transform your life. Learn more healthy living tips, zero waste resources, and lifestyle posts that discuss topics such as tabletop gaming, meditation and post-college life on the blog as well. 


create something incredible for yourself

I was once over-involved, stressed to the max, and burnt out. I knew I wanted to be healthier. I wanted more energy, to lose weight, and gain confidence, but realized that these things wouldn’t happen without working on larger, deeper issues beneath the surface. That's why I became a certified health coach. 

I know you are struggling to find the time for healthier habits, to be less stressed and overwhelmed, and it’s time to finally do something about it, too.

I know that putting intentional and mindful living at the core of health and wellness creates a foundation to thrive and live your dream life.


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