Hey there, I'm Tara 


Spiritual Shadow Worker Coach and Guide


As a Shadow Work Coach and Guide I support spiritualists who are looking for more fulfilling relationships deeply connect to their unconscious and Spirit so they can be truly fulfilled in their relationships with themselves, others, and their careers. 



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Hi, I'm Tara


As an intuitive shadow work coach, and psychic medium I help spiritual souls uncover the deep subconscious blocks holding them back, and activate their intuitive gifts so that they can embody their authentic self, step into their power and make an impact doing what they love.

Although I was already part of the spiritual community, I felt disconnected from everything when my mom unexpectedly passed away in 2018. I was asking myself big questions about what my purpose was and I felt shattered, broken, confused, and alone.

I now have spoken to thousands on the impact of shadow work in our lives and businesses and supported dozens in their shadow work, intuition, grief and leadership journeys. I am connected to spirit, my souls energetic mission, and feel safe even when days are heavy or hard.

I know you are ready to uncover your true authentic self and change the world.

With my support you can release the things holding you back, build deeper relationships, confidence, activate your unique gifts and make a large impact by being an example and living your truth.

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